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Month: April 2017

In what language do DWC-19 forms from the Carrier need to be sent to the claimant

Apr 28, 2017
Administering claims in much of Florida, especially the Southern part of the State, will require you to handle claims for injured workers who speak many different languages, and many who...

3 Things to Do Before Putting Your Home Up for Sale

Apr 25, 2017
It’s time. Maybe the kids moved out and is time to downsize or you have a new family on the way it is time to upscale. Either way, you’re ready...

Real Estate Scams and How to Spot Them

Apr 25, 2017
Real estate scams have been around as long as the mortgage. The sad thing is, the scams are becoming more and more sophisticated over time. Consumers might not be aware...

3 Steps to Property Insurance Claims

Apr 17, 2017
At some point, going to have to deal with property damage. Disaster is guaranteed to strike no matter what. Regardless of if it’s small, like a broken fence or minor...