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Month: March 2017

How do you cut a $415,000 fine by 95%?

Mar 24, 2017
Foreclosure Crisis in South Florida All over the country, there are codes and laws in place for how a home should be properly maintained.  These codes are designed to keep...

Time Frame to Provide Medical Care Services under Florida Statute 440.13(3)(d) and 440.13(3)(i)

Mar 22, 2017
The Workers’ Compensation Law in Florida requires that within 14 days, after receipt of a Petition for Benefits, the carrier must do either: (1) pay the requested benefits without prejudice...

5 Famous Workman’s Compensation Cases

Mar 22, 2017
Sometimes accidents happen.  The last place you want an injury to occur is in the workplace, potentially costing you time and money.  But some jobs are much tougher than others....

What to Know about the Safe Harbor Litigation

Mar 22, 2017
Free trade between the U.S. and European countries are important to for the continued success and growth between our two different parts of the world.  But in order to receive...

4 Reasons Why You Need Title Insurance

Mar 22, 2017
There is perhaps no greater investment you’ll ever make in your life than the one you put into your home.  It’s where you’ll live out the rest of your days,...


Mar 5, 2017
In today’s housing market, it is becoming an increasing occurrence for home buyers to walk away from closing. Walking away from closing happens far more in buyers markets than sellers...